Red Mage's "A-Hole" (not to be mistaken for the body part) is a portable dimensional hole that he created to whisk the Light Warriors to safety in Episode 1140. After Sarda's revelation to them, Red Mage "fools" him with the oldest trick in the book, and then his A-Hole and B-Hole to cancel each other out with the Light Warriors in between and vanish without a trace in the universe.

While in the A-Hole, the Light Warriors hatch the most "perfect" plan to defeat Sarda, but there is only one major problem: how to escape the "A-Hole"?

Inside of the A-hole, the Light Warriors can see the other panels of the comic. This allows them to see the future and past, and also allows them to gather an army of themselves. Red Mage also gets a plan from his future self, with is a setup for a paradox in which a plan came out of seemingly nowhere.

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