Akbar is definitely not a con-artist who sells poor quality products, usually operating in a place called "Criminal City". He may have been behind the Crystal Lake murders.

His ripoff discount stores include:

  • Akbar's Discount Amnesia Dust Outlet (Not Talcum Powder!)
  • Akbar's Discount Nutrinal Outlet (Not Extremely Unhealthy)
  • Akbar's Discount True Guardian Outlet (Not Pathetic Creatures)
  • Akbar's Airships (Not Deathtraps)
  • Akbar's Shop O' Magic (Not One Single Fraudulent Item)
  • Akbar's Very Effective Witness Protective Program (Not utterly useless)
  • Not Akbar's Discount Vacation Getaways
  • Akbar's Fine Wines (Might Not Be Paint Thinner)
  • Akbar's Monsters-N-Things (Seriously, Things!)
  • Akbar's Not Useless Tools

After selling the Discount Vacation Getaways Akbar also offered to make change for all their money, but instead ran away with all of it.

His name is likely a reference to the scene in Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, where Admiral Akbar states "It's a trap!". His name could also be a reference to the "life in hell" character Akbar, who is gay lovers with Jeff, who is portrayed in 8-bit theater as a honest salesman of low quality goods.