This is the Armoire of Invincibility. Armoire? I meant Armor of Invincibility! Armor! Armor! Armor!

The Armoire of Invincibility is an item given to Fighter by Matoya after the Light Warriors had been coerced agreed to find her crystal ball. Contrary to the name, Fighter was looking for the Armor of Invincibility in the beginning of the comic and when he had asked Matoya if she owned one, she gave him the armoire instead due to her bad hearing. Fighter happily lugged it around for multiple strips (crushing him once) until Red Mage put it into his Hypercube. Later on the armoire was used to kill Vilbert von Vampire as an alternative to a wooden stake. Fighter is one of few people who know that the Armoire invincibility tastes like varnish. It is not entirely invincible since the bottom of it is made of "cheap particle board".