The Armor of Invincibility is a mystical set of armor, said to make the user invincible, and Fighter really wants it in the beginning of the comic. It is said that it lies in the Cave of No Return. However, since nobody has returned from it, Black Mage Evilwizardington questions its existence. It is confused with the Armoire of Invincibility by Matoya. It is later revealed that Matoya does know where the armor is and merely hopes that she didn't confuse the Armoire with the armor due to bad hearing. As it is a heavy armor, Fighter would be the only one who could wield it at all, although with some modifications to the trusty character sheet, Red Mage might be able to equip it as well. As the armor is invincible, having Red Mage equip this mail would allow him the title of "UBER twink", which is a goal he strives for constantly. On the last page of the Epilogue after the series Fighter suggests they look for the Armor of Invincibility.

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