"Astos? MO' LIKE YO' ASS IS TOAST!" is the king of the dark elves. Unlike his original counterpart, who was rather difficult due to being the first enemy in the game to use the instant KO spell Death, this Astos is easily defeated by Black Mage's own horrendous attempt at making a joke out of his name.

Role in the series[]

Despite the fact that Dark Elves hadn't been seen in years, they still existed. The Dark Elf King Astos and his son, Drizz'l, hatched an evil plan to plunge Elfland into a new Dark Age.

Astos, taking on the psuedonym of Chancellor Usurper, became an advisor to the King, ultimately hiring Doctor Malpractice to incapacitate the King and paying him well to keep him incapacitated. He sought to do the same to The Prince, only the Prince escaped before Doctor Malpractice could get to him. Malpractice, however, kept the Prince's disappearance a secret so that Usurper would continue to pay him off, as well as putting the Prince's ill-gotten gains into his own bank account.

Usurper's plan seemed to be working very well, but one day before he was scheduled to take over, the Light Warriors, along with the Prince, came to Elfland. Thief soon showed Usurper how Doctor Malpractice had been screwing them both, forcing Doctor Malpractice to flee, damaging Astos' plan.

However, Usurper had a backup plan. He stole the Royal Crown of Royalty, hiding it in Marsh Cave, and ordering his son to ensure that no one got it back. He then told the Prince about it, believing that anyone who went into Marsh Cave would surely die and his problems would be over.

Unfortunately, Drizz'l failed, and the Light Warriors recovered the crown, and returned in time to overhear Usurper talking about his plan. Usurper managed to blow it off as a "confession" from Dr. Malpractice, but by now, Thief was on to him.

Thief (with Black Mage's help) managed to find some "body doubles" from the nearby forest to survive Usurper's assassination attempt. They then confronted Usurper, who revealed his true identity as the Dark Elf King Astos, and his plan to falsely accuse the Sahn'ta Clan Elves of being behind the whole plot, causing a massive civil war that would destroy Elfland.

Unfortunately, Red Mage and Black Mage would start making fun of his name, and Black Mage would make a horrendous pun, causing Astos to drop dead on the spot.

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