"Truthfully, there is an inner pilot to the Atomic Robot. It is that very same force that pilots us all. Its own faculties, its "automatic intelligence". The Atomic Robot flexes its hands, moves its arms, kicks its feet, tells a joke, or watches a sunset for the same reason we all do. It has decided to do so."
—Nikola Tesla, In Defense of the Atomic Robot

Automatic intelligence is a unique property of Atomic Robo's psyche that is as of now unexplained in the pulp action comic series of the same name. Basically, it is the property that grants Robo free will and allows him to do as he pleases, which is something that is, to date, never accomplished by anyone else in modern robotics. Having granted free will because of this property, the U.S. Government was unsure of whether Robo was to be granted the same rights and freedoms as a human being, given that because he is a robot, he was technically someone's property. It was eventually officialy granted to him in May 7, 1940, after his participation in a covert operation to apprehend Helsingard.

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