Helsingard: "You will be remembered only for your defeat, like all the usurpers and pretenders to the throne of Helsingard who came before you."
Robo: "You're just going on and on, aren't you."

— Robo to Helsingard, "Atomic Robo Vol. 1"

Helsingard as a brain in a jar.

Baron Heinrich von Helsingard (or Helsingard, in short) is Robo's archnemesis in the pulp action comic, Atomic Robo. A German scientist, he seeks to foresee the progress of Nazi Germany with his crimes against humanity, and has plans to create himself as the world's first super-man. He had tormented Robo many times during his life, and though he had lost his body, clones of his brain in jars still remain wired into large war machines, fitted with heavy-duty weapons.


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Early Life[]

It is presumed that, when he began his career working for Germany, that he had committed many atrocities against humanity. He had done many cases of kidnapping and human experimentation, all for the progress of Nazi Germany and for Hitler. Also, he had created a tank in 1888, roughly 30 years before it was "properly" invented.

The Fall of Helsingard[]

Helsingard as a super-man.

Around this time, in 1938, Helsingard has developed an otherworldly organ in a form of a heart, known as the Vril Organ. It bestows absolute power to the transplantee, making him or her a super-man. Upon Robo's infiltration of his secret base in the Himalayas, Helsingard ordered that the organ be transplanted into him right away, when it was to be transplanted on Hitler. While he conveniently appears before Robo, who had been looking for him the whole time, it did not take long for him to be defeated, as Robo had used his Lightning Gun to destroy the exposed organ, presumably killing him. Helsingard vowed revenge against the atomic robot for interfering what could have been his ultimate plan for world domination.

World War II[]

In 1943, five years after his defeat, Helsingard made multiple contacts with Dr. Vanadis Valkyrie, a follower of his regime. He collaborated with her to create the Laufpanzers, as well as the Brutes from the Wehrwolf Formula. Robo had yet again interrupted their conversation during his infiltration of her fortress. It was then that Robo knew that Helsingard was still alive.

Later Years[]

In the later part after the war, Helsingard had repeatedly went after Robo. One case was in 1953, when he attacked Robo in the Empire State Building. Another was in 1985, in France, but Robo had help from the Action Scientists League. The most recent attack was in 2005, in an unnamed village among the Apennine Mountains in Italy, where one of Helsingard's secret bases was hidden. All in all, his attempts failed, and with more clones of his brain and more variations of his war machines, he may continue with his revenge in the near future.