"Crap! Piss! Kill!"
—Berserker Axinhed

Berserker Axinhed is a member of the Other Warriors. He dons a monocle but does does not wear his monocle when battling. He's a very sophisticated berserker as you can see, or at least sometimes. Other times he goes into fits of madness, and saying things such as "Kill", and "Crap". He viciously attacks his enemies in this state. He is shortly on the "The Ethnic SIRS" along with Thief, Fighter McWarrior, and Drizz'l. His name Axinhed is a play on the words ax in head, as when he first saw Thief he left an ax in his head. It is also stated that Berserker is from Dwarf Land and because of that information is likely to be a dwarf.

First Appearance: Episode 437: Companion


"He is locked in a perpetual orbit around a point three seconds left of the future."

In the more recent comics, Sarda teleports Berserker away to a better place, which is like the beach but not the moon. Generic Half-Elven Dual-Class Ranger seems to confused about this, and Sarda doesn't really help. He simply states that there isn't much point in talking about him.

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