Bikke is an incompetent and dim-witted pirate captain and the second member of the Dark Warriors in 8-Bit Theater, as well as the second villain to be faced by the Light Warriors. He is known for his intense body odor and his tendency to speak in a cliched pirate accent. Although he is a pirate captain, he cannot swim and, despite having two perfectly normal, functional hands, desires to be called "The Claw", even asking Vilbert von Vampire to make him a claw prop to wear over his hand.


Bikke managed to let his entire crew almost die from scurvy because he forced them into a diet exclusively composed of Cheetos, which led directly to his defeat. He was briefly part of "The Fighting Fighters", along with three Fighters. At one point he possessed the elemental orb of water, which, due to not knowing any magic, he used ingeniously to attack Sarda by throwing it at him. But it should be noted that this was the only attack that ever hit Sarda.

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