"As your honor bound protector, it is my duty to make sure that you survive the dark times that have been foretold."
—Black Belt

Black Belt acted as the bodyguard for White Mage. Due to his stupidity, Black Belt lacks a sense of direction, often getting lost in the simplest of hallways with White Mage. He also has a complete lack of understanding of the laws of physics, allowing him to bypass them with acts like creating duplicates of himself (one of which Black Mage turned into stone), and walking over a pit of lava unsupported. He once also accidentally declared himself King of Elf Land.


Black Belt died after being cut into ribbons by the Fire Fiend Kary. There has been much speculation as to whether Black Belt will be resurrected, but Brian Clevinger has dispelled these rumors. White Mage tried to revive Black Belt's petrified body (his "other self" previously noted) but, as the top of his head had been destroyed when Black Mage disposed of the body in a forest turned wasteland (by Red Mage and Thief), Black Belt immediately became a living blood fountain died after being revived.


  • It is interesting to note that Black Belt was easily killed by Kary, whereas Fighter has suffered many similar, or even worse attacks and wounds from Black Mage and easily survived.
  • Brian Clevinger has stated that Black Belt was dead and was going to stay dead. His re-death in Episode 622: Now shut up., is Clevinger's response to theories of resurrection thought up by members of the forums.

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