"I'm not sure why the Light Warriors worry about obstacles or monsters standing in their way. They are nothing compared to the obstacles and monsters within the party."
—Brian Clevinger

Brian out on a trip.

Also known as Kurosen in the 8-Bit Theater forums, Brian Clevinger is the creator of 8-Bit Theater. The comic originally started off as a university project for his self-study course, and has since evolved into one of the most well-known web comics currently in existence. He is also the writer for Atomic Robo, the co-writer for How I Killed Your Master, and had created a self-published novel called Nuklear Age. Clevinger's work tends to make very little sense and plays to the geek subculture and sometimes adds political satire within. He is also known for messing with his readers, once taking this to the point of creating a false ending for the comic in which everything turns out to be a dream (this was meant as a cop-out ending, intended to screw with the audience; much to his dismay, he received an overwhelmingly positive response praising him on writing the perfect ending). He is apparently married. Additionally, he also wrote Warbot in Accounting and Fallout: Nuka Break (with Zack Finfrock). He currently works freelance for various other projects, and has written comics for Marvel.


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