"They are not "monster men". They are Brutes. They are Germany's salvation."
—Vanadis Valkyrie, Vol. 2, Issue 4

A pair of Brutes from the fourth issue of Dogs of War.

The Brutes are Hulk-like experimental subjects from the Atomic Robo series. After creating the Laufpanzers based on Helsingard's designs, Dr. Vanadis Valkyrie moved on to creating the Wehrwolf Formula, which picks out a select number of soldiers, and places them in specimen vats, which mutates them genetically to gain superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and a rapid regeneration rate. However, they are not entirely invincible. Robo and The Sparrow were able to kill three of these Brutes before the formula was destroyed.

These Brutes were created in only one facility, far out in the Croatian wilderness. The fortress is rather small and old due to Hitler's lack of interest in alternative weaponry, making it rather easy for the quarreling duo to destroy the most part of it before Valkyrie activated the self-destruct sequence and destroyed all evidence of the project.


The Wehrwolf Formula may be a direct reference to Werwolf, an actual last-ditch Nazi plan of creating a guerilla force, operating behind enemy lines as the Allies advanced through Axis territories.