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Christmas '03 Special So Brian Can Rest
Date Published December 20, 2003
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Fighter Black Mage! Black Mage! Black Mage!
Black Mage Oh jeez... What now?!
Fighter I've got a present for you! Open it!
The present is two staves chained together.
Fighter It's Staff-Chucks! I made them for you myself 'cause you can't use swords.
Black Mage You're fuggin' kidding me.
Black Mage Sometimes, Fighter, you amaze me. Two magic staves on a chain?! How can you keep coming up with ideas this stupid?
Fighter It's a gift.
Black Mage (spins the staves over his head) Magic is about skill and control. Not just slinging spells around like swords! What kind of useless, moronic--
The staves suddenly activate and start flinging fire, ice, and lightning in every direction.
Black Mage's eyes go wide as half the forest goes up in flames and the other half is frozen solid.
Black Mage looks around in shock at all the destruction he just caused.
Black Mage (smiling brightly) Awww... You shouldn't have.
Fighter You're welcome.