"Well, look at that! Another beautiful miracle. If it weren't for my atheism, I'd be impressed by it."

Cleric is a character in 8-Bit Theater, and is a member of the Other Warriors. Cleric's healing powers come from various Gods, while he himself is an atheist. He "doesn't play favorites," and thus when asking for miracles to happen, such as returning Thief back to life, he simply "tries them all" in case he is wrong about the existence of any particular deity. He also has a "healing Shiv" given to him by Raven. He was shortly part of "The Universe Obeys Arbitrary Laws Party", along with Red Mage Statscowski, Vilbert von Vampire, and Fighter McWarrior.


Shortly after Berserker's removal from the present by Sarda, Cleric questions Sarda's power and is subjected to a presumed death. His current status of vitality is unknown (though Sarda implies he sent Cleric to whatever unpleasant fate he cursed Berserker with.)

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