Talking the enemy to insanity is a valid military strategy in Cornerian Military warfare.

"Welcome to Corneria!"
—The Cornerian Guards, all the time.

The Corneria Guards are the best at what they do, standing guard and defending the post they've been assigned to. While they may not be the best at conversation, they will stand around and guard their position with all their heart.


When Black Mage and Fighter arrive at the gates of Corneria, they are greeted by the guards. While Black Mage soon becomes irritated by the constant repeating of Welcome to Corneria, Fighter is thrilled to have someone who is glad to hear about his love of swords. When Black Mage asks him if the guards are a little odd, Fighter just says he thought they were being friendly. This is apparently a parody of how NPCs in video games just say the same thing over and over again.