The Cultists are a group of illithids who worship the fiend of water, Kraken in 8-Bit Theater. They all have highly contracted feminine names, littered with apostrophes.


The Light Warriors first find them when they are at the glacier. After the Light Warriors kill the Cultist's deity, an eyeball, the Light Warriors begin to slaughter them. The Light Warriors encounter them once again in the Sea Shrine. It is here that the Light Warriors learn that the Cultists aspire to summon Ur to destroy the world. Black Mage immediately attempts to join them, but when he learns that the initiation is to slice off his own head and implant an octopus spawn into his neck, he quickly changes his mind. Instead, he cuts off the head of one of the Cultists and wears it as a mask to fool the others. The Cultists, however, immediately recognize him as a fraud, until he tells them otherwise. Although Black Mage claims to be their king, they instead grant him the position of queen (as the position of king was already taken).

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