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I know what you're thinking...
I know what you're thinking...
Unwisely Pissing Off the Fanbase
Date Published Saturday, October 12th, 2002
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Black Mage and Fighter explain why sprite comics are so lame (with guest appearance from Mr. T).

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Black Mage Sprite comics are so lame.
Fighter Yes, I agree. I hates me them sprite comics
Black Mage I really hate how they just reuse their images.
Fighter You mean how they just reuse images from games.
Fighter Or how they just copy and paste the same panel over and over in an desperate attempt to fill space?
The same panel is repeated twice.
Black Mage Both.
Fighter I also dislike the sad attempts at self-referential humor.
Black Mage It's even worse when they reference their self referential humor.
Fighter It's like post modern irony, but really dumb.
Black Mage Good thing we don't do that.
Fighter Yup!
Fighter So... now what?
Black Mage Cliche "wackiness"?
Cut to five blokes inside a ring of instruments.
Five Blokes NOOOOOOOO!
Mr. T I'm Mr. T! And I'm in a sprite comic! It's funny 'cause It's not what you would expect! I pity da foo' what don't think this is hilarious.
Pie I am pie! Pie is wacky--especially with legs! If I weren't me, I'd be eatin' me right now! Wacky!