Dirk Daring, the Daring Dirk of Derring-Do is a radio drama in the Atomic Robo series. It tells the story of Dirk Daring, a free-spirited adventurer who goes on generic science-fiction adventures with his damsel-in-distress main squeeze, Penelope. His nemesis is Captain Nefario, the air pirate, and is determined to get in the way Dirk's adventures. The drama is broadcasted in a stereotypical 1920's fasion, complete with narration, character voices, sound effects, and orchestral background themes.

The radio drama was Robo's favorite broadcast, often listening to it at a loud volume while studying, much to Tesla's dismay. He loves the program to a point that he would constantly write to the station about their scientific accuracy whenever something was off, causing Tesla to scold him on the matter.

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