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Doctor Malpractice is the doctor of the Elvish royal family. He has been seeing to the Elf King's illness for a year, while Thief, the prince of Elf Land, has been sending gil to fund his treatments. The doctor has been telling Chancellor Usurper that Thief is terribly ill, and that the gil was aid from foreign allies to fund a cure for Thief's illness. This is ironic, as Elf Land has no foreign allies. The money was, in fact, being deposited into Doctor Malpractice's own bank account. When the Light Warriors and Chancellor Usurper learn of this, the doctor pretends to excuse himself to the restroom and instead buys a horse, a boat, and a ticket on an airship to run away. He is last seen more than three years later in The Epilogue, eating at a restaurant table next to his dummy of Thief.

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