He seems rather cliched, if you ask me...

"Bah! Behold the pulpy fruit of my vastly superior reptilian intelligence!"
—Dr. Dinosaur

Dr. Dinosaur (real name "H'ssssk") is a villain in the Atomic Robo series. A dinosaur, he belongs to the velociraptor species. He supposedly traveled through time using only fronds, rocks, and "crystals", traveling back from September 29, 2008, the date of the destruction of his homeworld due to a sudden backwards surge of "mammalian energies". He boasts a genius-level of intelligence, and is able to speak proper English, even though dinosaurs lack larynges to speak. Ironically, he is in the same incompetence level as Robo. Did we already mention that he hates humans all mammals?

Ever since their encounter in 1999, Robo has put him on his hate list, next to wizards.

First Appearance: FCBD '09 Page 1


Dr. Dinosaur is a psychopathic raptor who under unknown circumstances, happened to gain genius-level intelligence, and he isn't shy to boast about said intelligence. He is heavily single-minded, cunning, and has delusions of grandeur over humans and mammals in general. He also tends to talk like a mad scientist, preferring to use large words and vocabulary. It could be possible that he learned how to speak English this way. Most of his human qualities are learned from his studying of humans through videotape recordings or raw feeds through antennae into his TV. He was able to learn multiple skills through this, such as cooking, predicting Robo's fight reactions, and camping.


Taravai Island[]

After a call from French president Jacques Chirac, Robo was brought into the French Polynesian islands to take care of a threat: a talking dinosaur. Regardless of the dinosaur's explanation to Robo, he refuses to believe his spiel about time travel, believing instead that Dr. Dinosaur was a product of secret genetic experiments. After some shots are fired, harsh words exchanged, and Dr. Dinosaur gnawing on Robo's head, the creature surrendered his cooler, claiming that it holds the secrets of his time travel. Upon opening it, Robo sees grenades instead and gives the smirking dinosaur a glare; the beginning of a hate-hate relationship...

Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension[]