"You cannot hope to impede the immortal rule of Helsingard."
—Dr. Valkyrie, Vol. 2, Issue 4

Vanadis Valkyrie as she appears in the comic.

Dr. Vanadis Valkyrie is a villain in the pulp action comic, Atomic Robo. A close friend of Otto Skorzeny, she is one of the many followers of Helsingard's regime, and in his absence following the loss of his body, appointed her to implement his creations and devices as part of Nazi Germany's Special Projects Division. Among these were the Laufpanzers and Brutes.


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Special Projects[]

Valkyrie is introduced in Issue 3 of the comic arc, where she talks with Skorzeny, in a train somewhere in Croatia, about Germany's indecisiveness with funding their alternative weapons division, opting instead to spend it on various other technologies such as the V-4 rocket and the Enigma machine, leaving their assets spread out too thinly. They predict that Germany is losing the war, and laments that they continue to serve regardless of this thought.

Their conversation was interrupted however, when both Atomic Robo and The Sparrow came crashing to their train compartment in an assassination attempt. In return, the two Nazi officials call on reinforcements as they flee the ensuing carnage to escape on a small plane. As the two Allied operatives were in hot pursuit, with Vanadis's Brute coming after them, they flew off, destroying the nearby bridge in order to kill them.

While in the plane, the doctor introduces the Brute to Skorzeny as Germany's salvation, prior to the failure of the Laufpanzer. When they arrived at the division's laboratory: a dilapidated old castle, Vanadis discusses matters with Helsingard, who is disappointed by the outcomes. They both possess a mutual contempt for Hitler, and Helsingard pleads to the doctor to find a way when she encounters the two Allied operatives once more. With the laboratory compromised, Helsingard orders Vanadis to terminate the site in order to destroy the evidence. She narrowly escapes with Skorzeny, and is presumed to be dead.