Thief: "I'll have you know "Drizz'l" roughly translates to "the relentless scourge""
Black Mage: "Yeah, the relentless scourge of having a really stupid name"

— Drizz'l's name, "Episode 274: The Villain Revealed!"

Drizz'l is the third member of the Dark Warriors, the son of King Astos and the apparent heir to the crown of the Dark Elves. However, as he is the only surviving member of the Dark Elves, there is no one for him to rule. His sprites are based on battle sprites of Gordon, a playable character from Final Fantasy II.

First Appearance: Episode 268: Out on a Web

Personal InformationEdit


Thief states that his name, a parody of the name of Drizzt Do'Urden, roughly translates from Elven into "The Relentless Scourge."


Drizz'l is a sword master equal to Fighter and controlled a pack of giant spiders before he was defeated by the Light Warriors in Marsh Cave. However, Fighter took his swords after he was defeated.


After losing his swords Drizz'l tried to defeat the Light Warriors using a guardian - which turns out to be a duckbilled mammal, straight from "Akbar's Discount True Guardian Outlet". He is subsequently stabbed by all four Light Warriors, being rescued shortly after by Garland and Bikke, unbeknowist to the Light Warriors.

Drizz'l considers himself the most intelligent of the Dark Warriors, which is saying remarkably little, although his inherent Elven arrogance often gets the better of him.

As of Comic 981, Drizz'l declared himself the new leader of the Dark Warriors, usurping the role from Garland. Until Comic 1019, he is still in charge and is pleased with the apparently unexplained change in the architecture of the Temple of Fiends, while Garland is suspicious.

Later, Black Mage leaves the rest of the Light Warriors for dead and joins the Dark Warriors. Drizz'l is the only one who opposes him. Black Mage tricks them all into voting, and he joins the Dark Warriors, with Drizz'l being forced out with no other choice but to join the Light Warriors, which he does reluctantly. Fighter seems to be the only one who fully accepts him, with Thief opposing him thanks to their differing races and Red Mage completely hating him.

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