Dwarves are a race in 8-Bit Theater. The Light Warriors Black Mage Evilwizardington and Thief cause waves of destruction throughout Dwarven villages during their search for the Earth orb. The Dwarven leadership mistakes their rampage as an unexplainable rash of flash fires that seem to strike at random. However, it appears that the Light Warriors are attacking towns so that a map showing all the destroyed towns would read "You're next".

Eventually, the Light Warriors learn of the Dwarven legend of the Bearded Warriors. When Black Mage destroys the location of the trials however, they are granted the title., and are told that the Dwarven kingdom no longer has the Earth orb - it was stolen by Lich.

The Dwarven theory of gravity states that enough ale will make anything fall down. A few characters (such as Berserker) are either Dwarven or partially Dwarven.

The Dwarves are locked in a perpetual struggle with the Elves, with both races harboring deep seated hatred for the other. Many jokes about this are made throughout the comic, such as Thief stating that the earth orb was tainted with the smell of Dwarf.