8-Bit Theater
E3 ‘05: Checks and Balances
When players are too lazy to be hardcore
When players are too lazy to be hardcore
Guest comic by Mookie
Date Published Friday, May 20, 2005
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Red Mage is up to his tabletop RPG antics again...

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Sarda Red Mage? Why are you following me around?
Red Mage Don't play dumb, Sarda. I'm gaining experience!
Red Mage Alternate systems use non-murder-based methods of gaining experience, like reading a book or being trained by a master.
Red Mage You're powerful enough to control reality! I figure if I hang around long enough, I'm bound to get some major experience!
Sarda (handing him a slip of paper) You know what, Red Mage? You're right. In fact, this just arrived for you. You've earned it.
Red Mage Wow! A physical manifestation of experience points! All for me!
Sarda Yes, Red Mage. It's your very own reality check.
Red Mage narrows his eyes at him...