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E3 '05: The Heart of the Matter
We know what you're thinking.
We know what you're thinking.
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Date Published Monday, May 16th, 2005
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Black Mage gives White Mage a heart for a present.

Cast Appearing[]


  • A forest


Black Mage Wait up, White Mage! I've gots something to show you!
White Mage (pulling out a +1 hammer) My Hammer of Righteous Wrath +1 is at ready, Black Mage, so think really carefully...
Black Mage (takes out a present) A present! I gots a present for you!
White Mage (beams, opening the present) Oh, sorry! This - this is so sweet. So there is a vaguely human side to you, after all!
Black Mage (sweats) In lieu of words, let that little heart tell you what I feel. It's gots your initials carved into it.

And mine.
White Mage (becomes grim) ...
White Mage Black Mage, whose heart is this?
Black Mage Aww, don't you like it?
Fighter Give back heart. Please....dying...
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