8-Bit Theater
E3 ‘05: White Magic for Dummies
More fuggin' guest comics
More fuggin' guest comics
Guest comic by Andre-Guy Landry
Date Published Saturday, May 21, 2005
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Black Mage does White Mage a favour...

Cast Appearing[]


  • A town


Black Mage White Mage wait!
White Mage What now...
Black Mage I realized that the only way we'll get to do it like nasty pigs,
...uhh, I mean,
"The only way we'll get to be together" is if I dedicate my life to that "greater good" crap you're always talking about.
White Mage What's in the bucket?
Black Mage It's Black Belt, I'm going to revive him for you. It'll be my first good deed
White Mage What!?!
Black Mage Yeah, I learned White Magic from some scribblings in a bathroom stall, then I gathered every charred, smelly, and rotting piece of Black Belt meat from the walls in Gurgu Volcano and put 'em in this bucket.
White Mage You're a demented little monster
Black Mage Prepared to be amazed...
Black Mage Ha! I give you: Black Belt good as new
The bucket moans...with White Mage covering her mouth in disgust.
Black Mage So, do you want to rent a room at the inn or just hop behind those bushes?
A shot of Black Belt emerging from the bucket half deco know what, some descriptions are probably too horrible for words.

Zombie Black Belt is emerging from the bucket. He looks pretty bad. , Take our word for it.
Black Belt Aarghh!!! Every second of existance is like a thousand excruciating deaths
Black Mage Interesting...
So, are you taking your own pants off or should I?
Black Mage is stuck in the ground, smashed in by White Mage's sledgehammer.
Fighter Can I dig a tunnel too?