Elves are a race in 8-Bit Theater. They are incredibly egotistical, and their personality can be summed up using the following quote.

  • "Man, I don't have time for this. I'm a busy elf. I've got places to go, people to act superior to and elder-than-thou attitudes to express."
  • "Oh, I know! People seem to think it's easy to perpetuate these Tolkien-esque stereotypes of haughty elves. In reality, it's very hard work."
  • "Even if it does come quite naturally."
  • "Which it certainly does!"

A little more is revealed in the National Elven Anthem. When Drizz'l confronts Thief, Thief claims that there is a line about that in their anthem "We're a race of total Bastards." Drizzl'l acusses the Elves of stealing the song from them, to which Thief replies that he is from a race of total bastards.

It is speculated that since Thief and Drizz'l do not know anything about aquatic travel or swimming for that matter, all elves lack these skills and the knowledge of the outside world.

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