8-Bit Theater
Episode 001
We’re going where?
Date Published March 2nd, 2001
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Fighter and Black Mage are taking a stroll through the forest, until Black Mage wonders why they are doing so.

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Black Mage So why is it we're going through the Giant's Forest?
Fighter Because beyond it is the Cave of No Return.
Black Mage Riiiiight. And we would ever want to go there because...?
Fighter Dude. Weren't you paying attention to the old man who tipped us off?
Black Mage Just indulge me.
Fighter Within the Cave of No Return lies the Armor of Invincibility. Duh.
Black Mage Wait. If it's a Cave of No Return, then how does anyone know what's inside of it?
Black Mage and Fighter stare at each other.
Fighter Well where would you suggest they put a suit of mystical Armor of Invincibility?
Black Mage OK, Chuckles. From now on, I pick the adventures.
Fighter Phooey.