8-Bit Theater
Episode 002
Fighter Likes Swords
Fighter Likes Swords
Why is he in the lead anyway?
Date Published March 5th, 2001
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Black Mage is concerned about Fighter's awesome navigation skills.

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  • Fighter's Love Of Swords


Black Mage We're lost. You know that, right?
Fighter No We're Not.
Black Mage We've been walking around for hours!
Fighter Relax, I know exactly where we're going.
Black Mage Oh do you?
Fighter Yup. About an hour ago, I found these tracks left by a couple of other guys. So all we have to do is follow these until they lead us out.
Black Mage Tell me, what do you know about these guys from their tracks?
Fighter Hm, they're about our heights, our weights, seem to be traveling at about our pace. One of them is probably wearing a suit of armor and the other seems to have cloak or a robe that brushes the ground after his steps. Why?
Black Mage These are our own tracks, you nimrod! You've led us in circles!
Fighter Circles, eh?
Black Mage Shut up. OK, let's think...
Fighter I like swords
Black Mage Correction, I'll think.