8-Bit Theater
Episode 003
Now coming in Black Mage and Fighter flavours
Now coming in Black Mage and Fighter flavours
They call it “Giant’s Forest” for a reason.
Date Published March 8th, 2001
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The party has their first encounter, leading Black Mage to reveal his more courageous side.

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Black Mage OK, if we can just get our bearings straight, then we can find our way out of here.
Fighter Ooh, I know! We can navigate by way of these tracks!
Black Mage is silent, looking angry
Fighter Well we could.
Black Mage Shut up.

All right, we'll use that overly huge and strangely purple rock formation as a starting point

Giant AHEM.
Black Mage …and after making a thorough search of the area using a grid-like system, we--
Fighter Stand back, Mage! He shall sample my blade!
Fighter draws out his sword.
Fighter No, dear friend, don't try to talk me out of it.

Don't... y'know, don't use any of your magic attacks to instantly put an end to this battle or anything… Please?

Black Mage runs away.
Fighter Aww nuts.