8-Bit Theater
Episode 004
Thief's line lost the little impact it had when the Gil system was introduced
Fight, heroes, fight!
Date Published March 11th, 2001
Previous Comic Episode 003: They call it "Giant's Forest" for a reason.
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Fighter fends off the giant while Black Mage meets a new companion.

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FighterOK, big green and ugly. Prepare to face the invincible combat wrath of my tiger style sword technique!
Giant crushes Fighter
FighterGood preparation.
Black MageHm, I wonder what that thunderous earth-shaking noise was. Well, I'm sure it wasn't important.
ThiefA lone, defenseless mage running through the woods like a scared little girl, eh? Time to go to work.
Thief trips Black Mage
Black MageOof!
ThiefYour GP or your HP!
Black MageMan. That is so lame.
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