8-Bit Theater
Episode 007
↓, ↘, →, Punch!
↓, ↘, →, Punch!
Kamehameha!... or something.
Date Published March 20th, 2001
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Black Mage pulls out all the stops, and all the cross game references.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Sounds of Fighter dying in the background. Black Mage reads his Nintendo Power.
Black Mage Hm, so the broom talks backwards. Fascinating.
Fighter (out of frame) Oh good lord no! Stop, I beg of you! Wait, what are… no, not the club, not there, it's far too lar--ARRRRRGH!!!
Black Mage Four white mages? It'll never work.
Fighter falls in front of Black Mage
Black Mage Do I have to do everything myself? Sheesh.
Fighter Kill me.
Black Mage Tempting, but I need you for a shield… I mean travelling cohort. Yeah.

Besides, it's time to kick some giant ass.

Giant looks confused. Black Mage charges up a blast and fires.
Black Mage HADOKEN!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The reference to four white mages in Black Mage's NintendoPower Magazine sets up Episode 1221.
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