8-Bit Theater
Episode 009
What the thief says…
Date Published March 26th, 2001
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The party walks back home, and Fighter's "Save the Planet" sense is tingling.

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter I can't believe you nuked the Giant's Forest. Now we'll never find the Cave of No Return. Jerk.
Black Mage Ugh.

There never was a Cave of No Return, you clod.

Fighter Yeah right. Like the old man would lie after I paid him all our gold in exchange for some information on where to find an adventure.
Black Mage I hate to break it to you, but he took our gold.
Fighter Ha! You think you're so smart. Well, for your information, he didn't take our gold, I gave it to him, so there.
Switches to Black Mages thoughts.
Fighter Duh, I am the Fighter, I gives away all of our shineys.
Black Mage Hadokens Fighter.
Fighter Blarg! I am dead!
Switches back to reality.
Black Mage Heh heh, sucker.
Fighter looks confused
Black Mage Ahem. Nevermind. Let's just get back to town.
Fighter (out of frame) Why?
Black Mage (out of frame) To get our money back from the old man!
A bush moves.
Black Mage Well, what're we waiting on!
Thief comes out of the bush.
Thief The plot thinkens…
Thief goes back inside the bush and follows Black Mage and Fighter.