8-Bit Theater
Episode 010
This is lame... just a sec... There's a really cool monster on page 37...
This is lame... just a sec... There's a really cool monster on page 37...
It had to happen sometime.
Date Published March 29th, 2001
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The pair have a discussion about the finer points of the day/night cycle until they're interrupted by a strange bunch of... things.

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Fighter and Black Mage walk towards Corneria.
Fighter Ah, finally. I was starting to get worried, it'll be dark soon.
Black Mage Dark soon? What are you talking about? It's never night time around here.

Well, until we stay at an inn anyway.

The bush shuffles closer.
Fighter (out of frame) Yeah, I always thought that was kinda weird.
Black Mage (out of frame) Nevermind that now. We're almost in town.
Monsters suddenly appear. The bush shuffles away.
Fighter ?!
Black Mage
Black Mage What the hell are you guys?
Monsters We're monsters. Let's fight.
Black Mage Uh... Why?
Fighter Oh wait! I've heard about these. This is a 'random encounter'.
Black Mage What'ch you talkin' 'bout Fighter?
Fighter Y'know. Random encounters. You'll just be walkin' along and wham, a batch of monsters appear out of nowhere and you have to fight them to the death!
Black Mage stares at Fighter for a moment.
Black Mage You're a looney.
Monsters Ahem!
Black Mage Aw nuts.