8-Bit Theater
Episode 011
Don't worry Fighter, you know he doesn't mean it.
Don't worry Fighter, you know he doesn't mean it.
The Great Black Mage Hype.
Date Published April 1st, 2001
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Fighter tells the monsters how much trouble they're in, but Black Mage has to remind him of a simple fact...

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Fighter Man, are you monsters in for it now.
Black Mage They are?
Fighter See my buddy here? He's a black mage, a master of the dark art of destruction, a wielder of will, a nexus of power that is tapped into the very living ley lines of the cosmos! He can shake the very bounds of creation with but a single word!
Black Mage Actually...
Fighter The heavens bow to the might of his magic! The gods quiver in fear that he should find them lacking his favor, reality itself is his plaything, nothing more than clay in this sculptor's masterful and precise hands!
Black Mage Um, but...
Fighter But you need not take my word for it. Lo, for behind us, can you not see the smoldering crater what once was known as Giant's Forest? It has been reduced to mere ashes. How, you ask? T'was the work of this very mage says I!
Black Mage If you'd let me talk...
Fighter And now you stand against him? Oh, how I pity you foul and wretched creatures. At least take some solace in knowing that your utter obliteration shall be so nigh-instantaneous that you won't have the chance to feel how excrutiatingly painful it is.
Black Mage turns to the monsters.
Black Mage Excuse us.
Monsters Of course.
Black Mage now yells at Fighter.
Black Mage What the hell are you doing!
Fighter I'm taunting them about the incredible power at your disposal.
Black Mage You idiot! I can only cast that spell once a day. I've got nothing left!
Fighter Well why didn't you say something sooner?
Black Mage God, I hate you.