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Episode 012
Episode 12
"They've got us haunting a family in Texas later."
The Dramatic Cliffhanger!
Date Published April 3rd, 2001
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Black Mage suggests they run but Fighter knows they can't. After the monsters lecture them on the finer points of being a monster, Black Mage formulate a plan.

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FighterSo now what?
Black MageWe run like scared little forest elves, that's what!
FighterRun? Run?! We can't run! Not after all that was said about your magic powers!
Black MageAnd who's fault is that?
FighterNow is not the time to point fingers.
Black MageUh-huh.
MonstersWe ain't got all day, y'know.
Black MageSorry guys, just one second.
MonstersMake it quick.
FighterThose monsters are gonna eat us alive!
MonstersHuman flesh? Raw?

Oh heavens no.

How barbaric!

What does he think we are, monsters?

The two parties stand in silence.
MonstersWell, yeah. We are monsters, but we're not monsters about it.

Enough talk. Attack!

FighterMage, you've got to think of something!
Black MageI have, Fighter. I have.