8-Bit Theater
Episode 013
↓, ↘, →, Pun... Wait, we did that joke already.
↓, ↘, →, Pun... Wait, we did that joke already.
The Dramatic Flashback!
Date Published April 6th, 2001
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Fighter OK, what's your plan?
Black Mage A little something I like to call...
Black Mage grabs Fighter and throws him at the Monsters.
Fighter OK. Don't panic. Must tap into inner reserves of strength. Must remember ancient and complex techniques of Vargus, the ultimate swordsman whom I trained under all my life...
And thus Fighter did harken back to his days spent at Fighter's Camp '86...
Vargus (out of frame) OK, Fighter. This is the most complicated technique I've taught you thus far...
Fighter (whilst watching the TV) Complicated technique, got it.
Vargus Should you ever find yourself being hurled at a horde of monsters, this is what you must do.
Fighter Horde of monsters, sure.
Vargus First adopt stance three-alpha, as though falling from a great distance, with the sword parallel to the ground as opposed to perpen... are you even paying attention?
Fighter Yeah, yeah. Stance four-beta. Gotcha.
TV Next on Chicks in Chainmail, Eva Knyghtebane sports her new ebony bikini-plate armor...
Back in the modern day.
Fighter Damn you, wasted youth! Damn you I say! Guess I'll just have to improvise.
Fighter draws two blades.
Fighter Two-Fisted Monkey Style Attack!!!
Black Mage Whatever that is, it better involve keeping his pants on.