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Episode 016
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Maybee youe shoulde trye oute.
Maybee youe shoulde trye oute.
The Quest to Assault the Elderly!
Date Published April 15th, 2001
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Black Mage starts to get angry at the obvious friendliness of saying the same thing over and over again.





Corneria Guard Welcome to Corneria!
Fighter I like swords.
Corneria Guard Welcome to Corneria!
Fighter I like swords.
Corneria Guard Welcome to Corneria!
Black Mage Come here, you idiot!
Fighter Yo.
Black Mage What is wrong with you?
Fighter What? I'm a Fighter. I really do like swords.
Black Mage Doesn't it seem odd to you that the guards can only say one useless phrase over and over?
Fighter I thought he was being friendly.
Black Mage Forget it. Let's just get inside and see what's going on.
And so, in the City of Corneria…
There is a sign. The sign reads:

4 Ye Olde Lighte Warriorse
Ofe Destinye Toe Rescuee
Kingdome Frome Darknesse.
Inquiree Withine.

Fighter Dude! This is right up our alley! We're heroes. We can do this.
Black Mage You fight for money, I weave occult Magiks for money, and you give it all away because you're a moron. Heroes, we ain't.
Fighter We could give it a shot.
Black Mage Hey, yeah! What a great idea! We'll sacrifice ourselves for the greater good--THBBBBBBT! Now let's go ruckus that old man.
the bush that hides Thief moves into Corneria.
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