8-Bit Theater
Episode 017
Technically an item shop, but that's just semantics.
Technically an item shop, but that's just semantics.
Gathere Ye Lighte Warriorse
Date Published April 18th, 2001
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Sometimes the best solution is just to give Fighter what he wants.





Fighter But I wanna be a Light Warrior!
Black Mage You're not going to shut up about this, are you?
Fighter Nnnnnope.
Black Mage Fine, tell you what. If you can convince two complete strangers to join us on a suicide mission to rid the world of evil, then sure, we'll apply for the Light Warrior job.
Fighter Goody goody gumdrops!
Black Mage But if you can't find two other hardy souls ready to die a gruesome and painful death at the hands of insane goblins and ogres for no good reason, then we never talk about this Light Warrior crap again. Agreed?
Fighter We're gonna be Light Warriors! Weeeeeeeeee!
Black Mage Meanwhile, I'll go beat the day lights out of that old man. He can't be that tough.
Fighter Shouldn't we meet back soon? Otherwise, the position might be taken!
Black Mage Yeah, we wouldn't want that to happen.

Ahem. I mean, yeah. We'll meet back here in one hour.

Fighter That oughta be just enough time to round up some brave do-gooders!
Black Mage walks away.
Black Mage Heh. He actually thinks he'll find someone who wants to join us. I'm sure he'll just waste his time browsing at a weapons shop anyway. Besides, he's too stupid to get into trouble, so I've got nothing to worry about…
Fighter approaches the weapons shop.
Fighter Hm, where to start? Maybe at yon local weapons shop...
Thief's bush shuffles up and he pops out in front of Fighter.
Thief Hello.