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Episode 023
Episode 023
Mordenkainen's Celerity is a fancy way of saying haste. Come on, Black Mage, you know you want it.
Enter Magic Shop Guy
Date Published Tuesday May 1st, 2001
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Black Mage goes shopping, while Fighter thinks about "Shineys"

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Black MageOK, so I got our gold back from the old man. Now all I have to do is find Fighter so we can split the goods.
Black Mage comes upon a shop. It says:''
Spells of Mass Destruction
20% off! Today Only!
Black MageOf course, I bet Fighter would undoubtedly spend his share on weapons and armor that will prove to be vastly inferior to what we will find in our travels. And if he doesn't know I got the money back…
FighterWonder how Black Mage is doin' with that old man. I sure would like to spend my share of the cash on weapons and armor that will be vastly inferior to what we will inevitably find in our travels. 'Cause they're shiny.
And so, inside the Magic Shop...
Black MageHm… Magic Missile? Don't make me laugh.

Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow? Laaaaaame!

Mordenkainen's Celerity? Ha, weeeeeaaaak.

Yo, shopkeep!

ShopkeeperWhat is it?
Black MageWhere do you keep the real spells, man? This stuff is child's play!
ShopkeeperIf you must know, I keep the truly powerful spells here behind the counter.
Black MageOh yeah? Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!
ShopkeeperDo not sully the spell books with your greasy hands. They are very rare and not to be taken lightly.
Black MageMust be pretty powerful spells, huh?
ShopkeeperOh, your powers of deduction are exceptional! I simply can't allow you to waste them here when there are so many monsters roaming the land at this very moment. Go, go! For the good of the city!
Black MageWise ass.


The Shopkeeper's sprite is a modified version of the Black Mage's sprite, but has been made wider and his robe is coloured red.

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