8-Bit Theater
Episode 029
"Lousy White Mage's oath"
"Lousy White Mage's oath"
The Last Resort
Date Published Monday May 14th, 2001
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Will Black Mage survive or will White Mage break the White Mage oath?

Cast Appearing[]



White Mage I know I should.
Black Mage (weakly) Agony.
White Mage Oh fine. Cure!
Black Mage receives 40 HP from the Cure spell.
Black Mage Strength... returning. Bones... mended. Organs... healed. Self-naration... fading.

And I owe it all to you.

White Mage Yeah, well let's not make a big thing of it. I just did what had to be done.
Black Mage Wait. I... I want to apologize to you.
White Mage (quietly) This oughta be good.
Black Mage Y'see, It's just that you're obviously a very intelligent and beautiful woman and I guess I was trying to impress you.
White Mage Why?
Black Mage Well, um... my friend and I are trying out for that Light Warrior job I thought that...
White Mage A White Mage would make an excellent addition to the team?
Black Mage Er... yeah!
White Mage Well, why didn't you say so?
Black Mage I guess I got nervous about approaching a woman of your high calibur (sic).
White Mage A cute little guy like you doesn't have anything to be nervous about.

Now let's meet this friend of yours.

Black Mage (Thinking) Wow, that actually worked! Sucker!