8-Bit Theater
Episode 030
Ye Olde Captione where everthinge endse withe ye fithe lettere ofe ye alphabete
Ye Olde Captione where everthinge endse withe ye fithe lettere ofe ye alphabete
Hey, Remember Fighter?
Date Published Wednesday May 16th, 2001
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Fighter unveils the new Light Warrior. Black Mage gets annoyed.

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Black Mage and White Mage meet up with Fighter.
Black Mage Yo Fighter. How goes the Hero Search?
Fighter I found one already! He's great guy. (sic)
Black Mage Oh yeah? Where is he?
Fighter Well, let's see. He kept patrolling the line of applicants to make sure there were no pick-pockets about. But I haven't seen him in a while now.
Thief arrives.
Thief Hey, sorry about that. I had to go to Ye Olde Pawne Shoppe to cash in my "findings".
Black Mage Findings?
Thief Oh sure. You'd be surprised by the things people "drop" and the frequency with which they are "dropped" given their high monetary values.
Black Mage I see.
Thief Coincidentally, I manage to find a lot of "dropped" things.
Black Mage And take them to a pawn shop?
Thief I believe in sharing the wealth.

(quietly) Of others!

White Mage It's so sweet of him to give to charity!
Fighter See? I told ya he was a great guy!
Black Mage He's a thief!
White Mage Don't be hurt. He lashes out at everyone. He has issues he needs to work through.
Thief It's probably to mask his own self-loathing.
Fighter You know, I've been saying that for years.
Black Mage I could very easily destroy you all!
Thief But wouldn't you only be destroying yourself?