8-Bit Theater
Episode 031
This is an impor-tant ann-ounc-em-ent!
This is an impor-tant ann-ounc-em-ent!
Legal Mumbo Jumbo
Date Published Saturday May 19th, 2001
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Gullible Fighter agrees to give up pretty much everything to Thief.

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Black Mage Well anyway, I found us another hero. Her name is White Mage.
White Mage Hiya!
Thief And what skills will she donate to our worthy cause?
Black Mage Grrr...

Hold on there, ace. Who said you could join us?

Thief Fighter did.
Black Mage Well, it's not official until both he and I agree so there.
Thief holds out a scroll entitled 'Important Document'.
Thief Not according to this!

Says here that a one black mage and a one fighter will join my cadre of justice to vanquish evil from the world and restore peace all throughout.

In return, the parties of the first and second parts, that's you two... (referring to Black Mage and Fighter)

And a third party to be named at a later date, possibly you, White Mage...

...will receive a share of XP and GP from slain enemies equal to what I will deem fair to all other parties, i.e., me, at the time of slaying.

That is, of course, after I get first dibs on everything we find, solve, repair, break and/or destroy, defeat, or hear about.

Black Mage Fighter, did you actually agree to these terms?!
Fighter Yes. But! I made sure there was a clause stating that I could decide whether or not I like any of the swords that we find in our travels.

I had to give up the dental plan for it though.

Black Mage Just... stop... talking.