8-Bit Theater
Episode 032
I so want that power!
I so want that power!
Sometimes He's Not So Smart
Date Published Monday May 21st, 2001
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Black Mage fantasises about White Mage.

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Fighter Blah blah blah swords blah blah.
Thief Blah blah throwing knives blah blah
As Fighter and Thief continue their above conversation, Black Mage thinks about White Mage.
Black Mage Oh man. This girl is just too perfect. I mean, she casts magic, I cast magic. She's cute and I'm not entirely hideous. We've got so much in common!

Just look at her! It's not natural to be that damn hot! They oughta pass a law against those eyes 'cause damn!

And red hair. It just had to be red hair, didn't it. As if it wasn't already painfully obvious that she could never be interested in a twisted soul like me, the foul and wretched fates have to give her red hair. That's, that's just plain unfair is what that is. Women like this just can't be real. I bet under those robes she's really some robot or monster!

White Mage So, Black Mage, what're you thinking about?
Black Mage No I am not undressing you with the power of my mind!
Everyone looks at Black Mage.
Black Mage (thinking) Whew. She doesn't suspect a thing!