8-Bit Theater
Episode 034
Episode 034: Introductions Are In Order
Date Published Saturday May 26th, 2001
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Red Mage appears from out of nowhere and introduces himself.

Cast Appearing[]



Thief So she can heal and wield a giant hammer. Quite versatile.
Red Mage (from above) but not as versatile as me!
Red Mage performs somersaults in the air before landing on the ground.
Red Mage Excelsior!
Black Mage Who the hell are you?
Red Mage I am...


Red Mage strikes a pose as fireworks appear behind him. Thief, Fighter and White Mage clap.
Black Mage Feh. Big deal.

(thinking) I coulda done that. Er... if I knew the spell.

Red Mage Here is my resume. I believe you will find everything in order.
Red Mage hands out character sheets to everyone.
Black Mage Why does this look like a character sheet?
Thief How were you able to get your stats so high as a level one character?
Red Mage Oh, it's quite simple, really. I took a variety of low impact flaws to add points to my character point pool. Thus I maximize my powers and minimize my disadvantages.
Fighter Gee. I just put everything into my 'use swords to kill stuff' skill.
Black Mage Well that explains where your score in intelligence went.
Fighter Yeah, well. Your intelligence... is the one with the uh score... you got beat up by a girl!