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Episode 035
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Someone get the abacus out again!
Someone get the abacus out again!
There Can Be Only One... Plus Three
Date Published Monday May 28th, 2001
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Fighter shows us all why his Intelligence rating is low.

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White Mage Well, it looks like we've got a pretty good team here.
Red Mage I'm afraid not. The rules specifically state that there can only be four Light Warriors. We are five.
Fighter I only count four of us.
Black Mage (whilst imagining to Hadoken Fighter) You forgot to count yourself! You clod.
Fighter Well maybe, just maybe, when we approach the King, he'll make the same mistake and forget to count himself too!
Cut to the other four members. Black Mage is shaking with rage. As Fighter runs off, The others grab hold of Black Mage.
Black Mage Let go of me! Just one fireball, that's all I ask! I deserve at least that much after all these years!
Fighter Wait. That wouldn't work. I'm so bad ass that I count for two Light Warriors. So the King would still perceive us as five. Damn my incredible fighting skills!


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