8-Bit Theater
Episode 037
Episode 037
BOOM! Everyone likes explosions!
Survivor 8-bit Style Part 2
Date Published Friday June 1st, 2001
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Everyone wants Black Mage's Hat. Black Mage wants Red Mage's Hat.

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ThiefLook. We're going to vote one of us out, and we need your hat to do it.
Black MageWhy do we have to use my hat? Red Mage has a perfectly good hat. Use his.
Close up on Red Mage's hat with the words (see, it's a hat!) pointing to it.
Red MageHey! I'll have you know this is a Plumed Hat of Power. It gives me a +4 to my magic score. The only way you're getting this hat is off my cold, dead body.
Black MageThat can be arranged.
Red MageYou and what army of archfiends, chump-boy?
Black Mage and Red Mage growl at each other.
White MageCome on now, guys. Let's settle this like adults.
Cut to Red Mage and a picture showing many rolling die.
Red MageLie about your saving roll?
Cut to Thief and a picture of an elderly person in a wheelchair helped by two carers.
ThiefSteal from the elderly because they can't fight back?
Cut to Black Mage, Fighter and a picture of a mushroom cloud explosion.
Black MageBlast a highly populated area into ashes, blame it on Fighter, and run like hell?
FighterI knew you were lying about that! I don't even know any spells, mage. How could I nuke that town?
White Mage...I think I'm going to vote myself off.
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