8-Bit Theater
Episode 039
He's gonna cheat
He's gonna cheat
Survivor 8-bit Style Part 4
Date Published Wednesday June 6th, 2001
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On the eve of the voting, can Black Mage be trusted with the ballots?

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Thief OK. It's all settled.

We each get one vote to reduce our number to four so that the rest of us can apply for that Light Warrior job.

And no matter what, I cannot be voted off because I am the team leader due to Fighter's overwhelming stupidity.

Fighter Happy to be of service, Thief!
Black Mage Shut. Up.
Thief Mage, we'll use your hat to collect the ballots.
Black Mage Fine. As long as I can stand around the corner so that no one sees me.
White Mage Can we trust Black Mage not to fix the vote?
Fighter Wait. Why wouldn't we trust Black Mage to be alone and unsurpervised (sic) with our important destiny altering votes?
Thief Y'wanna just ignore that?
Black Mage Good Call
White Mage
Red Mage
Fighter I trust Black Mage 'cause he told me to.
White Mage Yeah, so anyway, Black Mage. Do you promise not to abuse your exclusive access to the votes?
Black Mage Of course! Blasting innocent people into ashes is one thing, but voting? Why that's a sacred trust! I could never break such a bond!

(thinking) Gonna cheat gonna cheat gonna cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat (etc.)