8-Bit Theater
Episode 040
He's gonna steal
He's gonna steal
It's Easy To Think of Titles When I Just Keep Using Stuff Like Survivor 8-bit Style Part 5
Date Published Saturday June 9th, 2001
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It's voting time! Who will leave the Light Warrior clan?

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Black Mage walks behind a building, takes his hat off and holds it out to the rest of the party.
Black Mage OK, I'm ready!
White Mage puts her vote in the hat.
White Mage Here ya go.
Red Mage puts his vote in the hat.
Red Mage Due to my versatility, I should get two votes.
Black Mage Shut up.
Thief takes the votes from the hat.
Black Mage Put them back!
Thief puts the votes back in the hat, including his own.
Thief Er... sorry. Old habits, you know.
Fighter puts his vote in the hat.
Fighter Sniff, sniff. It does smell kinda funny. What do you shampoo with, anyway?
Black Mage Shut it and drop it.
Cut to Thief, White Mage, Red Mage and Fighter.
Red Mage You know, he wouldn't have this self-image problem if he'd invested a point or two more in his charisma attribute.
Cut back to Black Mage behind the building.
Black Mage Wonder if I can cheat both Red Mage and Fighter away.