8-Bit Theater
Episode 042
He's been in this situation before
He's been in this situation before
Back To The City
Date Published Wednesday June 13th, 2001
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Black Mage attempts to dispose of the Onion Kid before the others find out.

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Black Mage Ok, maybe no one heard that little brat scream.
White Mage C'mon guys. That scream came from the corner where Black Mage is hiding with the votes.
Black Mage (thinking) Aw Dammit.

(speaking) All right, don't panic. Just handle the situation in a calm and rational manner.

Fighter Yessir, once we get around this corner, we'll see what that scream was about.
Black Mage First, I have to hide the body.

Then I need to dispense with the evidence that I grossly altered the outcome of our vote here.

The others see Black Mage stuffing the Onion Kid into a trash can.
Black Mage WHAT!